Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 1 & 1/2 in LA


For the last week and half,  we have been busy meeting people and getting to know how to get around in LA. Last week, our Hollywood director went over our handbook of rules, expectations, logistic consensus decision stuff.  Two new roommates joined us few days later.  Alayna from SD and Josh from Indiana. So there is 6 of us living together in LA!  They are awesome christians!

We all did interview with agency.  I had a interview with 2 agencies. (Convant & Path)  I did a interview with Convant that help homeless teens.  The interview went well but I did not feel like it was the right part for me to do.  Basically, the position they had for me to do was computer work 90% of the time and maybe I might work with teens 10% of the time.  So if I did do it, I would be organizing of the people who donate to the Convant in the computer program.  Me and my director Matthew talked about it and I told him I will have to pray about it and see if God is challenging me to do something different than what I expected to do.   Shortly after the interview, Matthew got email from PATH, that there was a position needed for someone to work on their website in the morning and do tutoring with kids and helping the women in the afternoon.    I quickly grinned and said that is it! Next day, I met with my new boss at Path and gave me more details of what I will be doing.  I will be a part of development Path team and coming up with ideas how to bring the word out about PATH with using their website, twitter, facebook, etc, and working with kids and women in the afternoon!   I will start working on the 14th.    My boss gave me a tour of the Path building and explain what their goals and desires to do.  Path agency help homeless people who want to start living a better life. There are 3 floors. There are beds and 2 kitchens on 3rd and 2nd floors for men and women. There are 91 beds altogether.   Path give them 6 to 9 months to live there and help them start living a better life.  There is few departments on the 1st floor to assist the homeless for those who living at Path or those who come in from the outside.  There is a clinic, barbershop, pathfinder (find jobs), and few other departments.  All of those are free to homeless.  I am really excited to interact with children and the women in the afternoon!!!  God is amazing!

On 9/3  I drove the van with my roommates and Matthew to Griffin Park. Matthew show us where the city of LA is, ocean, Laure Canyon, etc.  
Hollywood sign

City of LA

After the site seeing, we had picnic at the park and listened to Matthew's testimony. It was a great story and learned how Matthew overcome mountains in his life.   God is great!

For the last few days, me and my roommates been learning the street names and knowing how to get there from there. We been to the beach.  Sunset and Hollywood blvd is just few blocks away from where we live.  We been eating dinner with few guests that invited us to join them for last few days.  Eating dinner with Kerr family was amazing! They are a part of Presbyterian hollywood church and they support of what we do.  They have traveled across countries to preach and help people all their lives.  It was great listening to their stories.  After dinner, Mrs. Kerr asked us to read a part of the chapter in romans.  It was about serving God. Mrs. Kerr asked us what we think about it and what do we accept the hardest will be for us? Each of us told our part. I told the Kerr family that I hope I become more closer to God each day and stay on his path and understand his ways, not mine. Then I was trying to tell her  the verse of Proverbs 3: 5-6.  I didn't even give her a clue and she just said 
5Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
         6In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
Then I said yes, that is it.  She just smiled and went on listening to rest of them.  Then she did a prayer for us and remembered each of our names and our concerns as she prayed for each of us to grow stronger in God.  It was great to get to know the Kerr family.  The next day, 2 former young adult volunteers invited us to eat dinner with them.  They live on the same street as us.  They told stories about what they did few years ago and gave us tips as well.  

Matthew showed us around this past Tuesday by subway and train to chinatown and downtown LA. We went to a organization called Home Boy that help former gang members to get a new start in life. The Home Boy organization have classes of certain majors for gang members to learn and graduate with degree.  They also have cafe and bakery where former gang members make the food.  

This morning, we went to Project Angel Food service that prepare food into TV dinners for people who have aids and problems in their lives.  We worked from 8 to 12. I did all sort of stuff.  I cut up 14 pans of lasagnas, seal the sarawrap over 400 TV dinners.  There was few deaf men there helping.   I worked with one of them and he was thrill to communicate with me with sign language.  Even I only know little of sign language but I was able to figure out what he was signing.   I think there is a deaf school in LA.  I been seeing some deaf people in the area. 

Please pray for me and my roommates as we start to work with our agency on the 14th.  

God is Good!

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