Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Pause In Life.

I was watering the garden in the yard of the community house, and I heard voices of kids on the other side of the fence.   I continue to water the plants as the voices get louder and closer. "Kyle! Kyle! Can I water the garden?" one of the 3 girls said.  I smiled and said yes. They quickly came and watering the areas that I haven't got to yet. They were giggled and smiling as they take turns to water the plants. They acted like they were gonna get me wet with the hose in their hand.  Then a girl got one of the girls really wet. All of them giggled loudly and for the girl that was wet, played along like nothing happened and giggled the whole time.  They was living in the moment of enjoying life with no worries.        

It was like the girls put all the worries away and enjoy what God provide them at that moment.  A pause to enjoy God.


At my church on 2 Sunday ago during worship, a stranger came down to the 2nd row and rudely interrupted the service. He yelled out loud of his worries on his mother's health and other things. The pastor was sitting in the front row and motioned to the worship leader to silence the music. The stranger with a mental illness was tried to escorted out. Then the pastor said a prayer in front of the congregation for this stranger and his worries. The music begins to play again. The stranger continue to be louder with his concerns and calling the police.  The music stopped again. Few people in the congregation came down and sat near him. Gave him water. Then the pastor opened up prayer time where a number of people in the sanctuary prayed out loud. Someone read out "Isaiah 43" from the bible.  He ended up being escorted out. When I witnessed this happening, I was thinking what is going on?  Who is this man?  But when the people prayed out loud, I felt full of God's grace with no concern of what just happened suddenly.  In the sanctuary, God was showing me to pray for him deeply and to love him with faith that God provide me to use regardless of what the stranger rudely did few mins ago.   In that moment me and others stacking up of prayers and showing the love of God to  the stranger.   I had no worries of the past or the future, just the present of the moment in prayer.      

I had a pause moment in the garden and in the church.  Since then I kept reminding myself don't worry of what the past or the future, just enjoy God now and watch his plans unfolded before me.  Love life and learn what God is showing to you in the moment.  HIS MOMENT. HIS TIME.    When you pause for sec,  look around and God is showing you something, just catch it.   He been waiting on you to listen to him since you been born.  Do you have time for him?     In the church and the garden there was pause moments for me where I just felt God and he was teaching me in a way that I can't explain it.    

God Is Incredible. 

Isaiah 43

1 But now, thus says the LORD, who created you, O Jacob,
      And He who formed you, O Israel:

    “ Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
      I have called 
you by your name;
You are Mine."
2 When you pass through the waters,
will be with you;
      And through the rivers,
they shall not overflow you.
      When you walk through the fire,
you shall not be burned,
      Nor shall the flame scorch you. 

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