Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Roller Coaster ride in December.

If you have been blessed, it's your responsibility to bless others with what you've been given. God hasn't given those gifts just for your  own good but for the good of others as well. Early in my childhood, my parents have taught me that it is important to help and care for people who are in need. Its in my blood, to help, listen, care, entertain, and lift someone's frown into a smile.  I know what talents what God have given me to use and I am truly blessed  that God have given me experiences with my talents in past mission trips and now in CA. I see  it as my responsibility, but also my privilege, to be generous with what God had entrusted to me.  

A few days before I left for Christmas break, there was a break in at the community house. A part of a door frame was torn apart when the door was kicked in.  In the room was full of leftover toys and gifts for the kids buy for their parents for Christmas.  Nothing was taken in the room except for the missing door frame was ripped off.   At that time, I was disappointed and thinking "Who would do this?"  A week before that, there was blue paint splattered all over outside bulletin board and outside walls of the community house.  In the month of December, it seems to have its up and down. We had a Posada event with the  neighbors and two kids dressed up as Mary and Joseph. We all walked together singing Christmas carols in spanish and in english. We went to 3 different houses, Mary and Joseph knocked on each door and asked "Is there room for us?" All three owners replied no room available. The fourth house, we went to, was the community house, the host let us in as we saw Mary and Joseph put plastic baby Jesus on the table as other kids acted as wise men standing around Jesus.  After that, we spend time with kids and talked to their parents at after-party. God is Good!
Posada event
The next day after the Posada, we had a Toy store for the kids for 3 afternoons to buy or do chores around the community house to get any gifts they want to get it for their family members. We had baby toys, kid books, adult watches, women make-up stuff, men's tool stuff, sport supplies, and digital cameras. My roommate Brady's friend donated money for us to buy all this stuff that the kids requested to get for their parents. This was the first time that the dwellers did it, it went very well with neighbors. The kids got to wrapped their gifts and write letters to their family.  After I came back from xmas break, some of the kids told me, that their parents enjoyed their gifts.

Toy Store

It seems at some moment, we get closer with our neighbors with events involving with the neighbors but then when the break-in or bad stuff happened, I feel weird. I am not scared but am concerned for kids out in the street.  I wondered if we are doing something wrong or offensive to the neighbors?  Its is not hard to continue to do good things for the people but sometime I wondered is it the reason that is making whoever did this bad stuff at community house mad? I don't understand of why bad stuff happened after we done good stuff?  I pray that the neighbors know that we are here to serve God and be there for them and their kids.  We are not here to interpret the routine of the neighborhood's life. We are here to lift someone's frown into smile, make them laugh, listen to their stories, give them guidances and  the words of the bible and many more reasons of why God put us here.
With the first paragraph I put up on the top of this blog, is my talents being put into good use to the kids or the neighbors?  I don't know. I thought it was, but then why this stupid break in happened?  Its hard to figure out.  Its all in God's hands and he will lead us and the neighbors through this road.

The night before I left for Christmas break, I was taking pictures at Path Mall of a holiday event where celebrities show up and spend time with the kids and families who is on a verge of starting new life after being homeless. Pat O Brien (All Access Reporter), Tommy Davidson (Living Colors), a kid from TV show "LOST" and few others was there. Tommy Davidson was homeless at a young age and he understands the stages that these families face. It was interesting to hear his life story from poor to famous. It was really awesome to see the kid's faces brighten up when they got their gifts.

While I was home in TN for Christmas, it was good catching up with my parents, friends, and church friends. I beat my Mom and Dad in a blokus game (12 times) that I got for them for Christmas. I am the champ. They probably will not admit that fact. lol    I have more stuff to post so there will be another blog in a few days.   God bless!

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