Tuesday, August 31, 2010

YAV orientation in New York

Hello guys!  The orientation in NY went great!  There was 78 grad students there being prepare for their journey to Kenya, Peru, South Korea, Northern Ireland, India and in the United States like Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, Tucson, San Antonio, and Los Angeles.  We stay at this place called Stony Point.

Our schedules each day was bible study, morning/night worship, topic discussions related to what we might experience, and we have small group. Small group was that everybody split up in a small group and discuss what we thought about today lessons etc.  There was a YAV staff person for each group to talk to and listen. Each of those staff have done YAV mission in the past. My staff person was Becca.  She ask these questions to us like what was the lowest point, highest point, do you agree with the today lesson, etc.We all shared our views. We were the smallest group than the other groups, which it went great for me. In my small group, there was 4 people from different sites (Tucson, San Antonio, Miami, Orleans, and me LA.

We had different topic lessons each day. There was pastors and missionary speakers that spoke of the sermon and gave us questions to discuss in small group later on.
Discernment 101 (twice)
 Race and Power in Mission
Interpretation of your experience
What make you tick?
Partnership and cross-cultural experience
Communication and conflict
Culture Shock and gender issues

On Wednesday, we had seminar fair and I got some great advices from employees of different seminaries. As most of you know that I got accepted to go to Louisville seminary this fall but I felt that God was calling me to do mission work first and hopefully he will help me make a decision when this mission almost over.  There is not a missionary degree but there is a master of Divinity for 3 years.  There is a new degree called Religion of Arts or Master of Arts that is a 2 years. I am glad I got to talk to with different people and speak to few YAV staff that is already in seminary and get their ideas.

In Morning and night worship we learned how to sing few songs in different languages.  For example EWE THINA (E~WE  THI~NA)   meaning we walk his way.  When the music being, we started repeating EWE THINA over and over. At first, I thought it was weird, but after that first day, we sang it again and started to get that burst of energy saying EWE THINA. Its kept remind me, we will walk in Jesus's step.  We going to do it God's way, not ours.  So on the last day heading to the airport to depart, I got up in front of everybody in a full school bus. I said we got 5 mins before we hit the airport, let sing EWE THINA!  So we did. EWE THINA, EWE THINA, EWE THINA.

On Sunday morning, me and my roommates for LA went to a small Presbyterian church about 45 mins away from our retreat. Each of us spoke about where we from, what our degrees, what is YAV program is, why we going to Hollywood, and what we going to be doing there.  We got commissioning. They welcome us with open arms.  The church had lunch for us. It was delicious!  It remind me of my church luncheon!

On Monday leaving from NY to Chicago to LA was a long ride.  I got to know more of my roommates.  Just before we landed in LA, I told Brady that was a long flight. He said yep, Then I said "but the good news is that I save a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico!"  Ha Ha

Thank you for those who are sending me emails, comments on facebook, and keeping me in your prayers for the last few weeks!   Please continue to do so, that makes my day! : )  Hope you have a wonderful day!

God is Good!

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